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What are Connects and How do I Acquire Them?


Connects are Upwork’s virtual currency. You will need to have some connects to be able to send proposals to clients. You can need anywhere from 1 to 6 connects to send a proposal. You can also think of it as the fee you will have to pay when sending out proposals.

[pic of connects needed to submit proposal]

However, thinking of them as a service fee doesn’t really do justice to the system because there are some ways you can get connects for free as well. Let’s look at the various ways you can earn or accumulate connects on Upwork.

How can I get more connects?

You have the following options to earn or buy connects

Free Monthly Connects

Upwork gives every Freelancer Basic Account 10 connects each month. While this may not be much, it is definitely something to get you started and a much needed improvement on not providing any free connects at all.

Buy Connects

You can buy connects at any time. TO do so, just go to your Settings page and click on the tab ‘Membership and Connects’. You should see the option of adding more connects at this point. You can only buy connects in bundles of 10, 20, 40, 60, and 80. The price per connect remains the same no matter which bundle you buy, so there is no advantage in buying connects in bulk.

Earn Connects

For those who don’t want to spend money on connects, here are some ways they can accumulate connects in their accounts:

Registering for an account: When you register for the first time, you will receive 40 connects for free. As soon as you finish the Upwork Readiness Test, you can get another 40 connects!

Win an Interview: When you send your proposals in response to a job post, and the client responds, you have won an Interview, and along with it, 10 free connects. You can ear up to 50 free connects this way in a 7 day period.

Pro Tip: You will only receive these free connects if you complete the following three steps:

Note: If you receive an invitation to a job you didn’t apply for, you won’t get any free connects.

Acquire an Upwork Skill Certification: Completing one of Upwork’s Skill Certification will win you a one time Connects bundle.

Earn a badge: Upwork has a few badges that it gives to freelancers to help them stand out. If you win one of the badges, you can expect a bundle of connects to come with it. 

Coupon Code: Every now and then, Upwork releases a coupon code that gives you a discount on your next coupon purchase. You may want to follow their social media channels to catch this one.

Survey: Sometimes Upwork can give you connects for no reason. Quite literally! The only thing they ask in return is to fill out a survey about a recent job you completed or give you more information(feedback) for a client you recently worked with.

That’s all you have to know as far as acquiring connects is concerned. If you want to know how to use your connects to send out proposals, go to How to Use Connects to Send Proposals.

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