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What is an Upwork Plus Client?


Upwork allows its users to opt for a paid membership that allows clients access to ‘Upwork Plus’.

But what exactly Is a ‘Plus’ client? Simply put, it is a client who opts for a paid membership($49.99 per month!) to be able to access features that normal Upwork clients cannot. These include features such as access to 24/7 customer support and project tools among many other benefits.

From the Client’s Perspective

Being an Upwork Plus Client allows you to access to different tools and services that help you find talent more efficiently. But how exactly? Let’s take a look.

For starters, you get one free Featured Job each month. If you use it wisely, you can unearth some talent for the most important job that you need done.

Basic member clients are limited to sending out 15 invitations to freelancers but as a Plus member, you can send out 30. You also get to partner with talent specialists which is another way to get hold of special talent on Upwork.

For what it’s worth, we can’t figure out how all that is worth $49.99 per month. If you are lucky, you get a shot at a trial Plus membership account. But Upwork doesn’t say how you can apply for a trial account, so that’s a big disappointment.

From the Freelancer’s Perspective

If you are a freelancer, there is one major thing this tells you: The client is serious in hiring people because he has already paid money to have the privilege to do so. Such a client, therefore, is more reliable.

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