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How to Use Connects to Send Out Proposals

In order to send out proposals to jobs posted by clients, you will need to have some connects available in your Upwork account. If you don’t know what that means, you may want to read what are connects and how do i acquire them first. If you already know what connects are, read on…. Whenever […]

What is an Upwork Plus Client?

Upwork allows its users to opt for a paid membership that allows clients access to ‘Upwork Plus’. But what exactly Is a ‘Plus’ client? Simply put, it is a client who opts for a paid membership($49.99 per month!) to be able to access features that normal Upwork clients cannot. These include features such as access […]

What are Connects and How do I Acquire Them?

Connects are Upwork’s virtual currency. You will need to have some connects to be able to send proposals to clients. You can need anywhere from 1 to 6 connects to send a proposal. You can also think of it as the fee you will have to pay when sending out proposals. [pic of connects needed […]

How to Check a Client’s Upwork Reputation

Many freelancers look only at the job description and if it fits their expertise, they start preparing proposals for it. They leave out the small but important step of checking the client’s history. Let’s see why a client’s Upwork history is important. Upwork is an online marketplace where everyone can signup and access the platform. […]

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